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Baby Link 150

Feel closer to your  baby at all time!

Key Feature

Feel closer to your Baby !

Wish to watch over your Baby and to communicate with him even at distance? The Baby Link 150 is made for you!
It’s simplicity of use will seduce you: you can watch over your Baby with the sound mode thanks to the High Definition sound or simply with the visual mode, thanks to the LED lights of the parent unit. And if you receive friends at home, you can enjoy a greater peace of mind thanks to the Partial Silence feature, which gets only the intense sounds.
Convenient, the Talk Back to Baby feature allows you to communicate with your baby in order to calm him, even from another room.
The baby unit is equipped with a night light and it has 5 lullabies to soothe your child when he has to sleep. And Baby Link 150 also allows you to permanently watch over the temperature of the room, which displays on the parent unit.
Nice to know, the Vox feature allows you to save battery: the Baby Link 150 automatically switches in sleep mode when baby is quiet and when you don’t communicate with him.
Finally, its curve and colorful design allows it to naturally merge in baby’s universe.