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Alcatel BL510
Watch over baby with a pocket-sized device

Key Feature

Baby Link 510 is our brand new Video Baby Monitor, to watch over your baby in images.

With its high definition color screen (2,4 inches, LCD color) the Baby Link 510 is the perfect tool to keep an eye on baby. For your comfort, the camera is pan, tilt and zoom and it includes automatic day & night vision, to watch over baby even at night time.

Convenient, you can listen and talk back to baby to sooth him even from another room.

To watch over your baby in images, you have the choice between 2 modes: the image + sound mode with the HD Sound or the display mode, without activating the sound, thanks to the LED lights which indicate the intensity of baby’s cries.

Nice to know, the Vox feature, allows the Parents Unit to automatically turn on the display mode as soon as the baby unit detects sounds, even if the Parents Unit screen is manually turned off. In order to save energy, the Parent Unit’s screen will automatically switch off when baby is quiet and asleep.

For more safety, Baby Link 510 is equipped with a temperature sensor on Baby Unit in order to help you maintain an ideal temperature.

Finally, its pocket-sized parent unit allows you to always keep in touch with your baby.