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Alcatel E130

Simple and effective 

Key Feature

Alcatel E130 gives priority to simplicity of use.
It has a classic design that integrates into any interior. Its large character display offers good readability. It is compatible with the presentation of the name and number to see who is calling.
Finally with a repertory for 50 names and numbers, you can easily call your favorite correspondents.
It is also available as voicemail, ultra easy to use with its two access keys and visual indicators for new messages on the base and on the screen. The Answering machine recording time is 15 minutes.
Alcatel E130 Solo comes in four colors: white/gray, white/green, white/blue and black.
Alcatel Solo Voice is in white/gray, white/green and white/blue.

*Subject to availability of services and subscriber options offered by telecom provider.