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Alcatel Conference 1800

A whole new conference-call experience

Key Feature

The audio conference phone fitting your meeting room size thanks to the four detachable DECT microphones.
Alcatel Conference 1800 is an innovative and revolutionary audio conference system composed of four portable integrated DECT microphones. They come in addition of the two fixed microphones located at the front and at the back of the base.
It features DECT and full duplex technologies which have been selected for their cutting-edge sound quality performances.
The four portable DECT microphones maximize room coverage and participation. Alcatel Conference 1800 has been designed to organize conferences with up to fifteen attendants.
Alcatel Conference 1800 is the ideal solution for clear and natural conferences.
This audio conference phone benefits from Dynamic Noise Reduction (DNR) which automatically eliminates distracting ambient noises and enables a productive and comfortable work environment.
Alcatel Conference 1800 is connected to network and mains via its unique module improving cabling infrastructure and increasing mobility.