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Alcatel F890 Voice

Absolute safe, thanks to Premium Call Block!

F890 - Front view

Ключевые особенности


  • Premium call blocking functions can filter all the calls before you answer through either 1 of 3 modes below:
    • Announce
    • Answering machine
    • Customs
  • 1000 Block listentries
  • Easy-to-use answer-phone function:
    • Access keys on the base and on the handset
    • A counterto informyouof new message at a glance
  • 1.8" Big LCD screen with jumbo dialling digits
  • 9 Speed dial key memories
  • 200 name and number directory (each directory is divided into 3 fields: Home, Mobile and Work) to easily contact favourite correspondents (shared among multiple handsets)
  • Handsfree function to share your conversation
  • 50 call log to check missedcalls (shared among multipple handsets)