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Alcatel F860

Say no to unwanted calls!

Ключевые особенности

Alcatel XL860 is a great solution for saying no to unwanted calls!

With the built-in smart feature of Call Block function* that can block up to 100 blacklist calls or Anonymous calls or both, as well as VIP or Phonebook entries allowed only.

There are 2 one-touch direct memory keys (M1,M2) can store your favourite contacts, plus its 100 name and number directory allows to easily contact your desired correspondents and the VIP function allows to identify the callers by the ringtone associated to their number*.

Additionally, the high-quality hands-free function for the pleasure of sharing conversations, plus giving you a complete freedom of movement.

The backlit alphanumeric display guarantees visual comfort for the name-and-number caller identification*.

*Subject to availability of services and subscriber options offered by telecom provider