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Alcatel SP2505G

Ключевые особенности

SP2505G is a full-fledged featured SIP phone displaying a clear information on its HD color screen and allowing an incredible ease of use via its paperless keys.
An ultra large color display
Make information clearer and simpler with the HD color screen. Enjoy a new way of communication.
Self-labelled keys 
SP2505G is fitted with 10 programmable paperless self-labelled keys with tricolor backlight (up to 45 virtual keys). Just press the corresponding key to reach the pre-set line, contact or feature. As simple as a click.
A stunning voice clarity 
Experience crystal-clear communications inducing higher performance and efficiency. Your calls will never be the same with HD sound.
Benefit from an empowered performance and make the most out of your network with the two Ethernet Gigabit ports.
Avoid cabling issue with Power over Ethernet